Course fee regulations

Please check these terms before you accept a place on one of our courses.


Accepting an offer

To accept an offer of study and to register, please return our online offer response form. This must be with us by the date or within the period stated on the offer.
Once you accept a place or start attending a course, you have a financial contract with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and are accepting responsibility for paying your course fees.


Course fees

For courses lasting one year or more, we will invoice you annually and you must make sure that fees are paid by the set instalment dates. For short courses and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes lasting one term or less, fees must be paid in full before the course begins. You must arrange for the right fee to be paid before you can attend a course.  We review fees every year and raise  them at least in line with inflation. Please plan for sufficient funds for the entire period of your studies.


Sponsored students

If you’re sponsored by your employer or another organisation, please provide the details of who will be paying on the online offer response form. We need a contact name and address for our invoice, and the amount of the sponsorship, and you’ll have to give this to us each academic year.

Please note that you will have to pay the fees and charges personally if your sponsor fails to pay.

If your course fees are paid via our contract with NHS London, please confirm which NHS foundation trust or mental health trust you work for. We’ll check this is covered by that contract. If NHS London does not pay us on your behalf for any reason, you’ll have to pay the fees and charges yourself.


Late applications

In some circumstances, students can join a course after its official start date if the course tutor agrees, but you will still need to pay the full course fee. If you register after 1 November 2016, we are required to add a late registration fee of £100.


International students

Fees depend on whether you are regarded as a home, EU or overseas student.
We use set criteria to allocate you to one of these categories when you register. After this, you can’t change during the academic year, even if your circumstances change: you have to wait until the start of the next year and you must provide proof of the change in circumstances.  If your fees are paid in full by a UK public sector employer, we will charge the home student rate. If you’re on a course of one year or longer, or you’re a programme associate or clinical associate, you can be treated as a home student and pay the corresponding rate, provided you can show evidence that you fulfil both of the following conditions:
• you have been a resident in the UK or another EU country for the three years preceding 1 September 2016
• you are a UK or EU national, or you are settled in the UK (for example, with indefinite leave to remain or right of abode) effective on or before 1 September 2016
To benefit, you must tell us about your residency, nationality and immigration status in your application, and we may ask to see original documents as proof.
If you don’t fulfil both conditions above, you’ll have to pay course fees at the higher overseas rate for the academic year.
If you’re unsure whether you qualify for home student status, contact your course administrator and/or visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs for detailed information and definitions of residency and immigration status.


Cancellations by us

On very rare occasions, we may need to cancel an advertised course due to insufficient student numbers. If we do, we will refund, in full, any paid fees.


Cancellations by you

If you wish to cancel and withdraw from your studies, you must discuss this with your course leader first. You will then need to complete a withdrawal form and submit it to the Course Administrator. We will treat the withdrawal date as the date the administrator receives this form.  The amount we will refund depends on when you withdraw – see more in our Refund and Cancellation Policy {link to below}


Breaking your studies

If you decide to break your studies between one year of an academic course and another, you must let us know by the end of the academic year before the one you wish to take off.  When you return after a break, we will charge you the fee for the academic year you wish to return to.  In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to break your course during the academic year, but only with the agreement of the Associate Dean. You will nevertheless have to pay for the terms attended.

Refunds and cancellations

Postgraduate Courses

The amount we will refund depends on when you withdraw from or delay entry to a course, as shown below:

Notice given  Fee to be paid
Charge for withdrawing/delaying entry more than four weeks prior to start of the Academic Year 2016/17 None
Charge for withdrawing/delaying entry within four weeks prior to the start of the Academic Year 2016/17  10% of full fee
Minimum charge for withdrawal /delaying entry after accepting an offer on or before the 15th November 2016  Third of full fee
Minimum charge for withdrawal /delaying entry after accepting an offer after the 16th November 2016 Full fee


Continuing professional development (CPD) and conferences

All cancellations must be made in writing to the course administrator. If you cancel no later than 14 days before the conference or CPD event, we will take a 10% administration charge and refund the rest. However, no refund can be made for cancellations made within 14 days of the conference or CPD event.

On very rare occasions, we may need to cancel an advertised course or conference due to insufficient student numbers or unavoidable circumstances. If we do, we will refund, in full, any paid fees.


Our refund methods

Payment method  Refund method
Payment by credit card  Refund to the credit card from which original payment was made
Payment by Paypal  To the same Paypal account from which original payment was made
Payment by standing order BACS / Cheque Refunded by cheque made out to the signatory of the original cheque


Recovery of unpaid fees

Please note that we will take all steps to recover fees that are due and unpaid.  We may:
• record debtors on our databases
• pass details and information regarding debts to a debt collection agent
• withdraw access to our facilities, including teaching, computer access and the library
• withhold assessment results and certificates
• refuse attendance at a degree ceremony
• prevent re-enrollment with us until the debt is settled

We reserve the right to suspend you from your course and may start legal proceedings. If you’ve failed to pay in previous academic years, you’ll have to pay all course fees in full before you can continue on your course.


Your statutory cancellation rights

Under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you have the right to cancel your contract with us for up to 14 working days from the day after you have accepted the offer of a place on a course with us or booked on to a conference. You can do this by emailing your Course Administrator or by post to:

Registry & Finance
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
120 Belsize Lane

If the course or conference starts before the end of this cancellation period and you attend the course or conference within the cancellation period, you agree that the Trust will be supplying services to you with your agreement before the end of the cancellation period, and you will then no longer be able to cancel this contract under these cancellation rights.